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Baby Phobia by XxDemonicAngel666xX Baby Phobia :iconxxdemonicangel666xx:XxDemonicAngel666xX 0 0 Me and Gabe by XxDemonicAngel666xX Me and Gabe :iconxxdemonicangel666xx:XxDemonicAngel666xX 0 3
Broken Promises
I'm sick of making promises,
They only get broken.
So I'm done with promises,
Because I can't keep them anymore.
Maybe that's a good thing,
Maybe its ok?
Because then if I hadn't promised
I'd stop completely,
I wouldn't see the pain
On your face today?
I stare at my skin,
Scarred and bleeding,
And I'm tired of promises.
I'm sick of seeing the disappointment
On your beautiful face.
So I won't make anymore of them.
That way you won't be surprised
When they break...
And maybe you won't be surprised
When I don't wake up
Tomorrow morning,
Because I never promised I would...
:iconxxdemonicangel666xx:XxDemonicAngel666xX 0 0
Heart Breaker
I looked into his eyes,
Stared into his soul,
Watched the life die.
Smiled as it left him,
Grinned as the
Blood ran down
His pale neck.
Most people would think
I'm sick and twisted,
But who isn't?
He knelt before me,
His eyes almost
Completely lifeless,
His hands shaking violently.
I punched him hard,
His nose beginning to bleed.
He whimpered in pain,
And I laughed.
I knelt close to him,
And whispered into his ear,
"This is what you get
For taking my heart,
And breaking it.
Now I'll take and break yours."
With those words,
I stabbed deep into his chest,
And reached inside,
Taking his heart out.
He dropped to the ground,
Dead and cold beside me.
I spat in his blood,
And walked away.
Vengeance was mine,
And oh how sweet it was...
:iconxxdemonicangel666xx:XxDemonicAngel666xX 0 0
Dorks by XxDemonicAngel666xX Dorks :iconxxdemonicangel666xx:XxDemonicAngel666xX 1 0 Princess by XxDemonicAngel666xX Princess :iconxxdemonicangel666xx:XxDemonicAngel666xX 0 0 Naters by XxDemonicAngel666xX Naters :iconxxdemonicangel666xx:XxDemonicAngel666xX 0 0
Bitter Taste
I'll never understand
Why I keep coming back...
Back to you and your sick ways.
You only anger me and make me
Wanna scream in frustration.
I don't understand it...
It's like I'm addicted to the pain,
To the punishment,
To the sickness.
It's like it doesn't matter
What you do to me,
I always come back for more.
You tell me I'm disappointing,
A horrible excuse of a person,
That I'm trash,
So what does that make you?
Saying your name leaves
A bitter taste in my mouth,
And leaves me sick to my stomach.
I feel as if the sting will never go away.
You say I treat you like shit,
But you know what that is?
Remember all the times
You beat me,
Kicked me,
Banged my head repeatedly
Against the kitchen cabinet?
Dragged me by hair
Down the hallway,
Broke my nose?
Of course you don't...
And yet you wonder
Why my arms are
Covered in scars,
Why I still wish to die
Every night of my life?
Why I still take a blade
To my skin every now and then?
You still wonder why I do
:iconxxdemonicangel666xx:XxDemonicAngel666xX 0 0
Tattoo #2 by XxDemonicAngel666xX Tattoo #2 :iconxxdemonicangel666xx:XxDemonicAngel666xX 0 2 My Tattoo by XxDemonicAngel666xX My Tattoo :iconxxdemonicangel666xx:XxDemonicAngel666xX 0 0
Chapter One
I stood quiet and still, my arm hovering over the trash can. My scarred wrist was facing up, and I held a razor in my trembling fingers. Everyone else was asleep. It was 6:43 AM. I looked quickly over at my boyfriend James, his face serene and his body wrapped snugly in his blanket. He was completely unaware of what I was about to do, his mind lost in sleep. I glanced into the living room, where Rhys lay on his bed, asleep. Ashley was passed out in her room...
Suddenly, a sharp pain hit my side, and I saw my mother's face in my mind's eye. Her eyes sad, her face wet with tear-tracks. I could hear her crying...she kept saying she loved me. My heart beat faster and I felt a stab of pain, of longing. I didn't want to believe those three words...words she hadn't told me in a long time...almost 6 years. Then I realized what I was seeing: my mother's face from so long ago...when she'd found out I had started cutting myself. I almost threw up at the thought of that day... It had been so long
:iconxxdemonicangel666xx:XxDemonicAngel666xX 0 0
If I really try,
I can still picture
Your face...
The way you looked
When you died...
Your blood on my hands,
Tears on my face,
I watched as you died,
Horrified as you screamed,
And my heart broke
As you cried...
I didn't know what else to do,
Except wait until help came...
But none did...
Instead your heartbeat grew faint,
Weak and small,
Just like my faith in God.
I lost it that day,
Didn't know who I was,
Didn't know if God existed...
But I knew one thing:
I hated my life,
And I wanted it to end.
I begged for it to be over.
So I went home that night,
Took the sharpest blade
I could find,
And destroyed my skin,
Blood everywhere,
But it wasn't enough...
No physical pain could hide the
Emotional torment I felt
With you being gone...
And still to this day,
Every time I bleed,
I feel the same sting,
And still to this day,
I can see your face...
:iconxxdemonicangel666xx:XxDemonicAngel666xX 0 0
Mature content
The Awakening :iconxxdemonicangel666xx:XxDemonicAngel666xX 0 0
The Corpse Bride
A groom who doesn't know his vows,
He can't seem to learn them,
No matter how much time he's allowed.
A worried bride-to-be
Who is scared her
Soon-to-be groom isn't all he
Says he is,
And their wedding is surely doomed.
Two sets of parents,
One looking for help with their
Financial woes,
The other hoping their social status might grow
With the help of this wedding.
An unknown man,
With a dark secret to hide,
He says he's a family member,
But no one can recall him.
No one knows he killed
His dearly beloved some time ago...
No one knows she became a Corpse Bride...
The groom who couldn't learn his vows
Goes into the forest,
Venting and screaming those godforsaken words
Into the moonlit night,
And as he does,
As he finally gets them right,
He puts the ring on what he thinks is a stick...
How it made him sick
When he found that it was a hand...
And that he was now betrothed to The Corpse Bride...
Her name was Emily...
She was beautiful and young,
In love and naive...
She didn't know that n
:iconxxdemonicangel666xx:XxDemonicAngel666xX 2 0
Freddy vs Jason by XxDemonicAngel666xX Freddy vs Jason :iconxxdemonicangel666xx:XxDemonicAngel666xX 3 3 Jack and Sally by XxDemonicAngel666xX Jack and Sally :iconxxdemonicangel666xx:XxDemonicAngel666xX 2 0



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➝ Nicknames: Alex, Zander, X, Axe


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I hope you're ok... I've been worrying about you.  :^(

Please be ok A.F./Shel  <3
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I'm alright Shane...just been busy and my bf's computer is fucked up
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never ment to hurt you shelby. im glad you found somone for you. you need that love that i couldent give. but remember this, i made a promis, if yoou ever need me i'll be here.
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that was probably the worst mixup of b-day and christmas the world has seen XD
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